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Unit 5 Mission: Educating each student to achieve personal excellence.  

Colene Hoose Elementary

School Mission

We are Hoose!

Community, Our Pride; Learning, Our Purpose; Integrity, Our Pledge.            
Colene Hoose Elementary School Core Values  

        Community, Our Pride:

·        We respect every person and embrace uniqueness.

·        We collaborate with our learning community.

·        We provide a supportive learning environment.

Learning, Our Purpose:

·        We seek to inspire others.

·        We establish a foundation for life-long learning.

·        We hold high expectations for personal growth.

·        We challenge all to think critically and creatively.

Integrity, Our Pledge:

·        We uphold fairness and honesty.

·        We take responsibility for our choices.

·        We value a consistent and caring learning environment.

Colene Hoose Elementary School Vision:

Colene Hoose Elementary School is a learning community dedicated to continual improvement.  We seek to be a flexible learning environment which positions our school to be the leader in instructional excellence, including innovative instructional practices, collaboration, and use of community resources.  We believe that continuous improvement in these areas, coupled with a positive and trusting environment, will foster students and staff who take risks in their learning, establish high-level goals, implement inquiry and interest-based learning opportunities, and demonstrate and develop leadership, while increasing achievement.  We understand that we are preparing our students for jobs that have not yet been created and problems that have yet to be identified.   We accept this challenge and look forward to creating our future together.